Beaver Las Vegas Launched!

The Sheffield born and bred drag queens are back again for their third-year show but this time they’re hitting Vegas! The Funky Beaver Show are continuing their legacy and building their reputation in this years show ‘Beaver Las Vegas’ coming to Sheffield Library Theatre on the 1st and 2nd of September 2017.

The Funky Beaver Show is an ever-growing group of Sheffield home-grown Drag Queens that are constantly building relationships with the local people to showcase and build the incredible talents of the young people across the LGBT community and extending that to the creative industry. This year they are working with local partners Sheffield Pride, South Yorkshire LGBT+ Awards and Neontech Productions.

This year’s show is all about how iconic women across the music industry have rose to fame by hitting Las Vegas and performing amongst the masses gaining fame and fortune. The Beavers will pay tribute to stars such as Tina Turner, Celine Deon, Whitney Huston and Cher – performing some of their most famous songs and pairing them with exiting and fresh routines.

Luke Hague the Show Manager who doubles up as the hostess-with-the-most-est Vivian Twist is infatuated with the success of the past two years shows ‘Let me be a Drag Queen’ and ‘Queen of the night’ and is eager to take the spotlight for the third year with her talents and comedy skills. She has said “There are so many opportunity’s that I want to create for people in the LGBT community to know that expressing yourself is one of the healthiest things that you can do.”

As mentioned with the great success of last year’s show ‘Queen of the night’ the team have gained even more confidence to develop the show into something completely different! As well as having all the trimmings of new dresses, new songs and new dances there will also be guest drag queens joining the show queens as well as new additions to the management team to ensure the success and smooth running of the show.

Fellow Queen in The Funky Beaver Show, Cleo 1 has high hopes for this year’s show as she believes that ‘the gay scene is coming back and we want The Funky Beaver show to do nothing but encourage that.’ The Funky Beaver Show over the years have done this with nothing but success ; providing opportunity’s to young people and opening people’s eyes to the flamboyance and class of a cabaret show. Beaver Las Vegas will be no different!

Tickets are currently available online at and you can also call 0114 473 1261. On the 1st and 2nd September and doors open at 6:30pm and show starts at 7:15 pm.


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